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Social Sonic is the leading social media marketing application which acquires targeted traffic every day.


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"We've nearly doubled our traffic to blogs since we started using Social Sonic. The best part is we don’t have to spend a penny on ads or even spend a thought on working on SEO"

Stuart Murray, Founder, MoshiMobi

What If You Could Get An Alert When Someone Was Interested In Your Service on Social Media?

Don’t let the opportunity to engage with a hot lead go, especially when they are all ready to opt in or purchase. Know it, as soon as the client indicates interest.

Social Sonic connects you with hot leads when they may be
looking to buy from you or your competitors.

Are you struggling to establish yourself as an authority among your prospects?

Social Sonic helps your authority blogs, articles or website get in front of your target market when they’re talking about your niche.

The last blog you’ve published, is it on #1 page of Google search? Most likely it isn’t. Do you know what percentage of Google users go to the next page to find what they’re looking for? Less than 5%. Writing SEO-optimized articles is a frustrating, painful and time-consuming task. Even if you learn the most ninja tricks, there is no guarantee you can get your articles to rank on the first page of Google. Then how do you come out of obscurity and get attention of your target market and become an authority?

Social Sonic’s proprietary traffic technology alerts you when people may actually be looking for what you are selling.

"We found out that the traffic generated via Social Sonic is 3 times as engaged as from any other channel. Thank you Social Sonic"

Roy Meyers, Real Estate Consultant

"Social Sonic has saved hundreds of hours of my team’s time which was spent on marketing on Twitter. The “Find Prospect” feature is my team’s favourite."

Elise C Quevedo, Celebrity Social Media Strategist

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